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About Promobil

Since 2003, our company deals with the design, manufacture and assembly of furniture and other wooden products for your house, office, hotel, pension, school, park and other commercial units. During our 12 years of existence, beside the 100% quality warranty, we stood for the fastest and the best service. At the beginning we worked with only 4 employees on a 3.000 m² area but by now we have 60 colleagues and thanks to the continuous development our working area increased to 11.000 m².
We always pay attention to the customers needs and with the help of our skilled employees and the technology we use, our products are always delivered on time. Our offer includes a wide range of products in a variety of colors. We are willing to satisfy all of your needs and imagination, be it a special wardrobe, chair, table or anything else made of wood or melamine fiberboard.

From the early beginning to present days, the natural wood has been used as the main material for house-building. Even in these days wood is a very important raw material in our homes – there are cases where the whole house is made out of wood, however wood furniture and other decorative wooden elements are widely used in all sorts of other types of homes, offices, public places and so on to serve our daily life. In the furniture manufacturing sector wood has a great importance. Its beauty, strength, durability and flexibility can’t be replaced with other material. The shape of a furniture is defined not only by the raw material, but it depends on the specialists who would create it and on the technology and instruments used during the process.

When a piece of furniture is ordered, it’s the duty of the sketcher to pay attention to the possibilities given by the space and to the needs of the client. The ineffective collaboration and the disaffection is uncomfortable to everyone. That’s why our colleagues must have the skill to help all our clients. All of our customers needs personalized service and attention. This task can be easily resolved by our experienced team. It’s important to know, that the personalized orders have to be treated as ordinary ones – should be given time for the customer and the collaboration have to be continuous and effective. At most of times we know which one is the best solution for our clients and we have the ability, not only to show this but to make it affordable to everybody.