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The manufacturing process

The fabrication process begins with the measurement of the space. Taking into advantage the aptitude of the space and taking into consideration the clients preferences, our colleagues shall recommend the most practical ideas. Knowing the preferences of the client, our designers with the help of the professional computers, design in 3D the furniture and calculate the necessary materials. We let you know the price and in case it is convenient for you we order the materials. We produce furniture from PAL, MDF plate and solid wood (fir, beech, maple etc.).

The solid wood furniture needs proper preparation. With the saw we cut the log and the plank enters to the dryer. After it is dry we cut the plank for the given dimensions, we polish, give the final color and mount the necessary accessories.

We receive the PAL and MDF plates in 5.7 sqm dimension which are cut by our modern erasures according to the given dimensions. In 2014 our company bought a very performing numeric control center machinery. With the help of this machine we can produce a lot more high quality products. The pieces enter into the drilling machine. It is a very important process because the holes need to be precise in order for the parts of the furniture to be in the exact place they are needed. Next is the assembly of the parts and the fit of the accessories.

The furniture is deposited where professionals make a detailed technical quality check.  The proper furniture shall be prepared for transportation. Afterwards it shall be delivered and assembled.